About me

Tina Dössegger

I am 40 years old and originally studied translation. Having suffered from chronic pain myself, I found help in alternative therapies and my quality of life increased permanently.

Excited about the possibilities, I decided that this will be my second career. Today, I am happy to accompany other people on their path.

What else?

As I have a big love for language, I still work 20% as an assistant and copywriter at a small agency.

During my free time I am mostly found high up on a mountain or in a climbing wall. Or in my garden where I watch the vegetables grow.


2021                 Bodynamic – Somatic Development Psychology (Foundation Training)

2020                NSTI® / Neuro Yoga® Practitioner, Hombrechtikon

2016 – 2019    Craniosacral therapist, Da-Sein Institut, Winterthur

2011 – 2014     Polarity therapist, Cranio & Polarity-Schule Aargau